White Dwarf Weekly Issue 3: Review


Ok, so I was a big fan of the first White Dwarf Weekly. I loved the content for a cheap mag, and the potential it had for future editions. Compared to Visions, I was super stoked to see the coming issues.

Then Issue 2 happened, and I was somewhat demoralized. I found it pretty meh. Maybe I was just getting bored of dwarves. Regardless, I still had high hopes for the magazine, as well all know that every now and then WD throws up a dud.

So chomping at the bit, I downloaded Issue 3 of White Dwarf Weekly today, and gave it a read.


Yet again, it’s another Dwarf-filled issue. Which is fine, given that’s the army they are pimping out right now.

And the Dwarf content was actually ok. Some nice and interesting stuff about Josef Bugman (though I think I’d heard it all before), as well as a pretty detailed paint splatter. Though it’s obvious they are dumbing down their painting techniques to feed the masses.


I also enjoyed the modeling tips of the week. The idea of arranging your squad of dwarves first before gluing them to the bases seemed fairly brilliant. I remember working on my own Dwarves years ago and struggling to fit them together in a squad because they’d all be bumping eachother and what not. This way, you know your stunties all fit together on the movement tray properly.

Speaking of which, they also had a nice and simple tutorial for creating movement trays out of spare bits and sprues.

But that’s pretty much all I liked out of the whole issue.

The bad side of the mag

The rest of the mag, to be honest, was pretty meh.

But one thing stood out above all else, for simply how disappointing it was. The battle report.

I had been waiting for a batrep in the new format, and was very excited to check it out when I saw the description on the download page highlighted a battle report.

Oh man, oh man. Disappointing.

This is, literally, 2 of the pages of the batrep:


I mean, come on guys.

I used to live for the White Dwarf batreps. With maps, great pictures, fantastic description. You knew exactly what was happening on the battlefield. The batreps were the heart and soul of the mag.

Now, you have one batrep in Visions which is nothing but a bunch of pictures where you have no idea what’s happening, and another in White Dwarf Weekly which is basically a wall of text.

I’m usually someone that is more on the side of GW fanboi than critic, but this is brutal.

I would say, the verdict for sure is unless you love Dwarves, save your money.

And my optimism for the rest of the Weekly White Dwarf mags is severely tempered.

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8 comments on “White Dwarf Weekly Issue 3: Review
  1. dezzoblog says:

    That Escalated Quickly…

  2. Prodigal says:

    Wait, we’re there NO pictures for the battle report??

  3. dezzoblog says:

    do you know who played in the dwarf batrep?

  4. paniccoffee says:

    I was disappointed at the battle report as well. Compared to the weekly format, the old White Dwarf was more visual and detailed. I remember when they would dedicate a full spread for presenting the mass of both armies and around 10 pages total for the report.

    The only reason why I bought the weekly format this month is just because I like dwarves and the pictures and painting tips for them are pretty good. Visions, on the other hand, seems to be nothing more than a photo book. I think it’s great, I just don’t know what else it wants to be.

    It seems they are going through an experimental stage, but I hope it gets better. I know that at the end of the day, they’re still a business, but I really don’t mind paying for quality.

    • makbeer says:

      Yah…the painting sections and the modelling sections are the saving grace of the wd right now…I thought the paint splatter in wd4 featuring the imperial knights was fantastic.

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