Magnetizing a Landspeeder Storm: Step-by-Step

Hi guys,

I love the landspeeder storm in this edition, I think it’s a great mobile scoring unit that is capable of clearing objectives as well.

It can also infiltrate/scout/outflank, providing lots of tactical flexibility.

Given that, I finally got around to magnetising one, a project I had in mind forever but never actually did. To be honest, it seemed freaking tedious and I’m somewhat lazy.

So I’ll take you through how I magnetised each of the 5 guys inside, as well as the bases.


Get a drill bit that matches your magnets in size. This saves soooo much time. For me, I used 1/8″ magnets that are 1/32″ deep, and a 1/8″ drill bit in a pin vise. And of course, some good zap-a-gap helps.



Drilling the holes

Plan out where you’re going to magnetize each guy. Keep in mind, what you want to magnetise for the speeder may not work for the base. So think things through. If you’re unsure, i’ll have pics of all my guys, so just follow.

Once you figure where to go, use your drill and carefully drill with a steady pressure. Make sure your angle is correct you don’t want an angled hole.

Tip: Drill just a couple of rotations first, so you can see where you are drilling – if you’re happy with the spot, then it’s much easier to fit the drill back into the same spot and finish up. If not happy, make a simple adjustment and start over.

Fitting the magnets.

It’s relatively straightforward to get the magnets in if the holes are drilled properly, but here are a few tips.

– Always double check polarity of magnets before gluing them in – if you’re prone to messing this up, using the guy that’s supposed to stick there as the handle to help you place the magnet ensures the right polarity.


– Use the butt-end of a brush (not the brush end) to hammer the magnet in nice and flat, for a level finish.

– Sometimes you my actually WANT the magnet to be at an angle in the hole – for example if the magnet is in a foot that is in the midst of stepping or running, and thus slanted. In this case, drill the hole deeper than necessary, and use the drill itself to push ONE side of the magnet down farther than the other.

Anyways, enough prelude – Let’s get on with it.

The Gunner.

This may have been the easiest guy. There’s the least things in the way of drilling, and his pose is relatively simple to drill.

You can see, I simply drilled the 2 feet. The magnets are green, as I painted em to mark the spots in which I want to drill in the speeder itself.


For the speeder, i drilled into the seat and floor, like so:


The Dude sitting off the railing on the right side.

No idea how to describe this follow, but meh! Who cares. Anyways, I spent some time considering how to magnetise him. At first the butt seemed like the best place to do it (don’t go there, just don’t). However upon thinking further, I realised that he looks pretty cool as a dude firing off rounds, and bracing himself against recoil. So I decided I wanted him standing on the base, not sitting.

As a result, I had no choice but to magnetise the feet to the railing. GIven that the railing is thin, this is quite a challenge. So are the feet for that matter.

So keep in mind, when doing this, be very careful how deep you make the holes.



The Standing Dude

No brainer where to put the magnets. I had a brief thought about his hand but no that’s just insane. So to his feet I went. It’s more useful to show you where the holes are in the speeder because how many shots of magnets in feet do you really need to see.

So here it is.


Gratuitous Barrel Roll Shot.

Just to show that the magnets work, and are stable, BARREL ROLL.


The Dude sitting on the seat on the left side, and his buddy standing next to him.

For this relaxing fellow, there was no choice but to drill his butt. Which was ok, since he really has no other possible pose than a sitting one.


For the buddy hanging off the rail, simply drill his feet and stick one magnet in the seat and one on the rail.

At this point i was interrupted by my dog, and didn’t really take pictures…but here’s the end result of the 2 fellows:



The Bases

For the bases, I did a mix of plain and built-up. The guys just standing on 2 feet as per normal, get relatively plain bases. The guys in odd poses, have the base designed around them to make them look more natural.

The trick of using paint to mark out where you are going to drill is very important here, as is the angle of the magnet. IF the magnets are off and not straight, your guys will be standing all weird and crooked, like PIMPS. Which is good, if you’re going PIMP army.

This was the base for the dude sitting down, I wanted him to be resting on an ammo crate (maybe not the brightest of the lot)Image

Here’s a shot of how they all turned out in the speeder, with the bases in front.Image

A shot of all the guys on their bases:

Close-up of the base made for one of the guys, so it looks like he’s climbing over some rubble.Image

Close-up of the dude on said base.


Hope that helped. I had heaps of fun doing this project and finally getting around to it. I can’t wait to paint it up and play it on the tabletop. =)



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3 comments on “Magnetizing a Landspeeder Storm: Step-by-Step
  1. dezzoblog says:

    really nice guide there SK.

    maybe for the guy who has one leg on the box you should prop him higher up (put something else under the crate) and have him dangle his leg off the ground to make him look less awkward. 😉

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